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Three Life Altering Questions | Message 16 (WIP)

In this message there are three life altering questions asked and answered, that can give us a reason to pause and consider what our daily efforts are creating, as we hurriedly stack one day on another like the building blocks of life.  The Questions: Who Is God?  Who Are We? What Does God Want?

Few people have time to think about the really important questions in life.  They are busy just making ends meet, having fun and solving problems.  If asked the question, why were you born, their first thought may be, what are you talking about, I don’t have time to think about things like that, but a question like that can change a life.  We are easily overwhelmed with life’s details and we lose sight of what it is all about.  Like a brick layer focusing on how many bricks he is laying every day no longer thinks about what he is building or how important it is or who will benefit by his work.

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Scripture References

  • Colossians 1: 12-17


Salient Points

A bored Deacon, Undernourished believers, Recognizing what God is making, Who is God, Eternal being, Time verses eternity, A vocal Creator, Unlimited, Still creating, Rightful owner, No equals, Who are we, A unique free will, Self serving, Without purpose, None that do good, Our own standards, A sustained existence, The saving difference, What is there to love, What does God want for creating us, It’s about love, The big difference, Our Great Creator.



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