A Work In Progress

The Future of Our Timeless Creator

“Let all things be done decently and in order.”

1 Corinthians 14:40

A Work In Progress

We are currently working on this website to finish the build and upload the entire series very soon.  At that point all the content will be available here as the work to improve quality continues.

The audio engineering work being done is to improve the audio quality and also adding new images of the firmament.  In addition we will be editing it to minimize any unimportant content.  All this work will take a substantial amount of time.  So the decision was made to make the roughly edited material available as is and give the unfinished messages a designation of WIP for, A WORK IN PROGRESS.

Each message that we have marked with the temporary “WIP” in the title line indicates that it has more audio editing to be done or needs an image added, or both.  As work is completed the “WIP” identifier will be removed.

The editing process will continue as long as God permits time and help to complete the work.  Upon completion all the messages will be in the correct chronological order and have an accompanying image that will be included in the Video Slide Show.

We had been re-editing and re-number them into the correct chronological order on their current location at Sermon Audio.com, but with the opportunity to build a website dedicated exclusively to The Glory of God all the efforts have shifted to this ministry.

All the roughly edited messages are currently available and may be heard at Sermon Audio.  If you would like to listen to messages in this series that have not yet been uploaded to this site you can do so by clicking here.

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