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Understanding the Question, “Why God?” | Message 19 (WIP)

One of the greatest questions in life is, “Why God?”  Why did you let this happen, why didn’t you stop that, why don’t you heal more, why don’t you bless our efforts more, why don’t you answer our prayers, the list is nearly endless.  From our point of view God could, and should fix a lot more than he does.  So why doesn’t he?

This message is about understanding why God does things the way he does and how he wants us to respond when our desires conflict with His.

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Scripture References

  • Col. 1:9-10
  • Mt. 18:1-4
  • Proverbs 3:5-6


Salient Points

“Why God?”, Something to think about, Not lowering standards, Freedom from or in sin, Separate faith and works, Catch 22, Man’s selfish nature, Back to the cross, Think like a little child, Back under bondage, Faith or sin, The technology curse, It’s not our world, Why a little child, The faith of a child, Think like a child, When faith overrules works, The future humbling, Look what I did, Taking God’s glory, It’s all God’s life, Loving in the good and bad, Influenced by our desires, Truth from God only, Ask the right way, Understanding God, Lean not to thy own understanding, God’s desire.



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This series on the Glory of God was originally introduced with only ten Hubble slides shown on a large screen while fifteen verses were being read.  It lasted about ten minutes.  When completed there will be around 400 images in the Video Slideshow with related scriptures.

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