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God’s Wish List: A way to confirm the things we believe are in God’s will | Part 3 of 3


In this third part, the profound question of why God created mankind on this earth and then doesn’t seem to care enough about us to stop the suffering, is made clear.

Injustices here have continued from the time that God allowed Cain to kill Able. Oh we don’t think about it that way, we just blame Cain for the crime and then let it go, but in fact God could have spoken to Cain long before he took action against Able, just as He did after it was too late. The question then is why does God allow the innocent to suffer at the hands of evil?

In the story of Lazarus death Jesus waited until he had been dead four days before taking action. He also waited until Peter began to sink when he walked on the water before saving him. God didn’t stop Abraham from smiting the rock after He said to speak to it or King David from committing adultery and murder. From innocent children with terminal cancer to the most outrageous atrocities of governments we look on with grief in our hearts and wonder how a Holy God could allow such suffering.

In this study of God’s desires, it becomes clear that He has a secret master plan in which He is allowing mankind and Satan some freedom to bring about His real purpose.


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Looking for a written introduction, list of salient points, the Bible references, and other background information about this series and illustrations?

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