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God’s Wish List: A way to confirm the things we believe are in God’s will | Part 1 of 3


Here the subject transitions from the way God has given us to prove that what we are doing is pleasing God, into things that He tells us plainly that He receives with pleasure. It also exposes hidden feelings of self importance that we feel when we do things that we know He wants us to.
When Martha invited Jesus into her house, in Luke chapter ten a strange thing happened that caused Jesus to scold Martha for asking for help with her service for Him and the others there. The first impression is that Martha was the only one working to provide food and comfort for all the guests. So why would Jesus compliment Mary while she was doing nothing? Wasn’t there a need? Didn’t someone need to do the work if they were going to have something to eat?
This story is an example of what Paul was telling the Romans when he said, “Ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God”. For many years my greatest frustrations as a believer was to know what God could do and watch him do nothing. What seems apparent to us needs to be confirmed by the Spirit of God or we will become as frustrated and confused as Martha.


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